Denmark Green Card Visa

Make the most of Denmark's Green Card Scheme
qualify the point based test
get a Danish Green Card-your pathway to settle in the European Union

       Denmark Green Card Visa is actually a pass that lets you become a part of the European Union. It is offered by the Danish Government under Green Card Scheme that calls for certain skilled workers to live and work in their country.
     Like Canada and Australia, Denmark Green Card is also based on a point system. The minimum points one should obtain is 100. It is calculated on factors like education, work experience, age, language proficiency, adaptability, and financial proofs.
       Denmark's point based system has separate requirements for professionals with graduate degrees from Indian and Pakistani Universities. So if you're from either of the two countries, do check the Danish equivalent courses with that of yours. Because it directly impacts the point score.
      Having said that, Denmark is an enticing country and invites high-skilled migrants to fill up the vacant positions to reduce the shortage of skilled professionals. The scheme is still open. Changes may soon happen in the days and weeks to come. So make the most of the opportunity and file immigration petition to migrate to Denmark now.
      Prepare yourself and contact us. We can help you take the assessment, guide you through the entire process, ease your documentation work, and do lot more for you.

Our Full Service & Processing Includes

1. Documents Checklist.
2. Complete Application Processing.
3. Attestation of documents*.
4. Forms, Documentation & Petition Filing.
5. Updates & Follow up with the Embassy.
6. Visa Interview Preparation – if required.
7. Airport Pickup*.
8. Accommodation Assistance*.
9. Relocation Orientation.
10. Job Search Assistance*.

*These services are provided by ACS at an additional cost.