Study in Singapore

       Singapore is a premium education hub with top quality public and private institutions catering to the academic needs of the students across various countries and different backgrounds.

Our Services for aspirants who wish to study in Singapore Colleges or Universities:

• Pre-counseling about various courses available in different Universities and colleges in Singapore.
• Providing information about Tuition fees, living costs, Admission intakes and application deadlines.
• Preparing the students to take IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT etc.
• Obtaining admissions in Singapore Universities or Singapore Colleges (Application fee is waived in most instance, if applied through us).
• Singapore University Scholarship options sourced through the Universities or through the respective Government.
• Guiding the students and their parents to prepare the documents for the Singapore student visa.
• Assisting to get the overseas education loan from banks in India.
• Arranging accommodation in Singapore and also assisting to get part time jobs in Singapore.
• Obtaining the Singapore health insurance for students.

The top reasons to study in Singapore are:

• With a strategic location right in the heart of south East Asia, the influences of the east and the west converge here thus exposing the student to a multicultural environment.
• Singapore is a developed nation with a high standard of living.
• Same standard of education and living at a lower cost as compared to the west.
• Many universities from all over the world have set up campuses and collaborations in Singapore
• Singapore’s National universities like NTU/NUS/SMU are amongst the highly rated universities in the world. Singapore is close to home being just 5 hours away by flight.
• Safety: The Singapore Government takes law and order very seriously and strict action is taken against any offenders as a result of which crime rate is very low. It is considered to be one of the safest destinations in the world.
• The private education is heavily regulated by the Singapore government to safe guard the interests of the international student.